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Winter semester 2022/23

Dates and orientation

Foresight is already required for the winter semester. We have collected dates and contact points that students need to keep in mind before October.
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Orientation for freshmen

Canteen, Campus, Timetable

With our "First Semester Information", we answer the most important questions about studying and starting at the Department of Computer Science. In addition, we recommend the university's introductory events from Monday, October 10 to Sunday, October 16.

Further support for the first days at the university is available from the Fachgruppe Informatik (FIUS).

Preliminary courses start in September

The Fachgruppe Informatik (FIUS) offers preliminary courses for Java and Theoretical Computer Science at the beginning of October.

Independently of this, the MINT-Kolleg Baden-Württemberg prepares students for academic training as early as September: The preliminary courses of the MINT-Kolleg Baden-Württemberg refresh existing school knowledge and prepare prospective female and male students for academic training at the University of Stuttgart. The desired side effect is that participants get to know each other better, can initiate study groups and familiarize themselves with the campus.

Registration is underway. Further information on course content and dates is available on a comprehensive information page.

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Other deadlines and dates

Exams, lectures and enrollment–the university's academic calendar shows the most important dates and deadlines.


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International students

The University of Stuttgart has set up an orientation page especially for international students. From there, you can access webinars and consultation hours that answer questions about life, studies and formalities. General information for international students is also available from the International Office of the University of Stuttgart.

Intercultural Mentoring Program

The "Intercultural Mentoring Program" supports international students at the beginning of their studies: Become a mentee, immerse yourself in the student culture in Germany and experience a semester full of intercultural encounters!

"Academic Writing" for international Master students of Faculty 5.

For students pursuing a Master's degree, the International Service Point Faculty 5 is offering a special course in academic writing and ethics in science in the winter semester.

Welcome Center Stuttgart

The Welcome Center Stuttgart also offers students from Germany and around the world a regular meeting place, the Student Welcome Club in the heart of the state capital.

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