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What does the ei-bauhaus stuttgart stand for?

"Man comes to set up something of his own only when he is convinced that the existing was not enough for him."

Achim von Arnim (1781-1831), German writer and important representative of Heidelberg Romanticism

The ei-bauhaus stuttgart stands

One of the biggest difficulties in transferring from school to university is the change in one's own way of working from school-based learning to independent study. This is made more difficult by the sudden increase in the size of the "classroom", which is now called the lecture hall, and in which one sits at the beginning with many unfamiliar faces. Alone on your own, it can take up to two years before you begin to realize what an interesting, stimulating, colorful, opportunity-giving environment you are in.
At ei-bauhaus stuttgart we don't want to waste these two years! We want to introduce our students to the world of the university right from the start and show them the wealth of paths, possibilities and opportunities so that our students can take advantage of them from the first semester on.

To this end, we have integrated a compulsory course into the study program for our first semester students in the Bachelor's program "Electrical Engineering and Information Technology", where they can meet with us week after week to discuss the issues with us:

  • What makes the profession of the modern engineer?
  • When I have finished my studies, what career opportunities are offered to me, what chances can I take?
  • How does such an "institute" actually work, where I am supposed to work, learn and research, if I am not sitting in a lecture hall?
  • What does such an "institute" look like from the inside?
  • What should I pay attention to during my studies?
  • Do I have the chance to do a doctorate?
  • What is the habilitation?

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When the efforts of the beginning are done, the question arises for our students: "What should I deepen? Here too, the ei-bauhaus stuttgart offers accompanying help and orientation.

The overview lectures offered in the third semester of the Bachelor's program in "Electrical Engineering and Information Technology" give our students a detailed insight into the various areas of specialization in our study programs. These overview lectures also introduce the various Master's programs that can be followed after a successful Bachelor's degree.

The professors of the ei-bauhaus stuttgart, who represent the respective specialization, are responsible for the respective overview lectures.

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Disruptions are innovations that replace already existing technologies, products or services and drive them completely off the market. As a result, the investments of market participants, who until then dominated the market, are lost.

By discussing the development, discussion and realization of ideas from a disruptive perspective with our students, we bring forth young people who can recognize disruptive developments in technology, assess their impact on society and react to them. In doing so, the triggered socio-economic developments are reflected in their entirety in order to meet the needs of all people, including future generations. We commit them to ethical action guided by a set of values.

To make this possible, all teaching and training at ei-bauhaus stuttgart – regardless of the course of study chosen – is based on the special triad of study, workshop and research & development. It is this triad that enables the meshing of profound theoretical knowledge with the highest practical skills and technical excellence.

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At the center of this triad of "study – workshop – research & development" is the Bauhaus-inspired workshop concept of the ei-bauhaus stuttgart, which provides the practical relevance of our teaching. The workshop concept uniquely bundles the outstanding technical and infrastructural equipment of the individual institutes of the ei-bauhaus and meshes closely with the research-based teaching concept.

The special is: The workshop is open to all students, provided they have an idea, from the first Bachelor's or Master's semester onwards!

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Many excellent ideas are put aside again and not pursued further because people say to themselves: "Who am I? If this was a good idea, the others would have had it already!" Or one does not pursue a good idea, a good thought any further, because one sees no chance to implement it, because there is a lack of money, material, tools, skills and possibilities.

At ei-bauhaus stuttgart, we want to counter this with the "Marketplace of Ideas" so that no idea is lost from our midst. The ei-bauhaus stuttgart offers excellent infrastructural conditions – machines, tools, laboratory and experimental areas – combined with excellent professional and technical "know-how", so that no good idea has to be abandoned, one simply has to present it and put it up for discussion.

The ei-bauhaus stuttgart provides the forum for this. And if the idea is born from among our students, all the better! Then we combine the beautiful – the implementation of the idea – with the practical – the in-depth education of our students. Do you have an idea? Then talk to the person responsible for your area of specialization!

And if you now ask yourself: "But the implementation will also cost money?

"The Swabian pretends to be poor, but he is offended when others believe him."

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The ei-bauhaus stuttgart offers a wide range of opportunities through a diverse program of study abroad, semesters abroad and research stays with our national and international research and cooperation partners.

We also support our students in realizing their own ideas for research projects at home and abroad. The focus is not only on pure knowledge acquisition and "credit points", but also on immersion in the culture and language of the partner country.

Außerdem wollen wir, dass für unsere Studierenden der berühmte Blick über den Tellerrand nicht einfach nur eine Phrase ist. Wir wollen, dass sich unsere Studierenden fragen: "Womit wollte ich mich auch immer schon mal beschäftigen?" Allein Stuttgart ist eine Stadt der Philosophie, der Kunst, der Musik, der Architektur, des (Industrie-)Designs, der Brau- und Keltereikunst, … , das Angebot ist riesig.

In addition, we want our students to experience that to think out of the box is not just a phrase. We want our students to ask themselves: "What did I always want to do? Stuttgart alone is a city of philosophy, art, music, architecture, (industrial) design, the art of brewing and wine pressing, ..., the range of offers is enormous.

The ei-bauhaus stuttgart supports its students with knowledge, contacts, advice and recommendations to help them develop further.

"All people have the capacity to be creative. It's just that most people never realize it."
Truman Capote (1924-1984), American writer and actor

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