In the workshop

From the idea to implementation

The practical relevance of the teaching is established through the workshop training. The practical training in mechanical material processing and synthesis, system, circuit and component development, design, validation, testing and trial runs parallel to the theoretical study of natural sciences and electrical engineering and information technology, taking into account ethics, preservation of creation, sustainability, quality & reliability, but also perfect design.

From bachelor's degree to master's degree to championship!

Our workshop training philosophy

And as in 1919, when the doors of the Bauhaus first opened, the essence of the workshop is the same:

  • Avoidance of stare, preference for creativity, freedom of individuality,
  • Participation of the students in the research and development work of our department,
  • Production and realization of creative ideas and concepts ("marketplace of ideas").

The cornerstone of this education is the practical basic training, which is obligatory for all our students. It consists of the basic internship, a bachelor and master internship and the experimental qualification work:

  • Bachelor thesis ("The journeyman's play"),
  • Research work ("Going on the 'roll', getting to know other 'workshops' and bringing back the 'best'")
  • Master thesis ("The Masterpiece").

A special feature of the basic training is the research work in the master programs of our department. Even though it can in principle be completed in our "workshop", it should either be completed in industry (work in practice) in order to carry out analyses of current problems, or should be completed in a domestic or foreign partner institute in order to learn new methods and techniques or to study new findings (for further information see: "To think out of the box").

In-depth practical training that goes beyond the basic canon is provided by applying for advertised, paid research assistant positions in the "Workshop", which are defined by the research and development projects of the respective institutes, or by our students convening the "marketplace of ideas" (for further information see: "Marketplace of ideas").

For excellent students, there is the possibility of a doctorate after completion of the Master's program, and for selected, excellent doctoral candidates, there is even the possibility of a habilitation afterwards.

Every student of our department can work in the "workshop" from the beginning of their studies!

Female scientist in the laboratory
Prof. Dr. Yasmine Elogail, former master student and doctoral candidate of our department; the picture was taken during her doctorate in the "workshop" of our department. Meanwhile she is a professor at the Zewail University of Science and Technology in her home city Cairo.


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