Marketplace of ideas

Your idea in the plenum

"We must give young people more opportunities to gain personal experience during their training. Only if we let them find facts for themselves can knowledge become wisdom."

Walter Gropius (1883–1969), Founder of the Bauhaus Weimar

The aim of the "marketplace of ideas" of ei-bauhaus stuttgart is the (rapid) realisation of newly emerging (research) ideas or the evaluation of the potential of such ideas.

Every member of our department – student, doctoral candidate, employee, professor – can call up the "Marketplace of Ideas" at any time.

In order to assess an idea, a "council of masters" of meaningful doctoral students and professors is dynamically assembled, to whom the idea can be presented in plenary session and who – if approved – supports the coordination of research tasks.

In the case that the idea is introduced by a student, the council of masters coordinates, if necessary, the familiarization and instruction of the necessary tools, techniques and process technologies. The main support is provided by the doctoral students from the Master's programs. The first contact persons for our students who wish to convene the "marketplace of ideas" are the persons responsible for the specialisation programmes of our department, who will then take care of the formation of the "master craftsmen's council".

The "marketplace of ideas" is thus also a pillar of practical workshop training, which enables the deepening and broadening of practical skills or the expansion of the theoretical-technical knowledge of our students in their self-chosen research and development project.

"In the ei-bauhaus stuttgart, you have the freedom to put your own idea into practice and explore whether it can work and how it fits in with the state of the art. This freedom to try out an idea with the resources of the institutes is unique!"

Jan F. Dick, B.Sc., electrical engineering student of our department, who convened the first "marketplace of ideas" for the realization of a power tunnel field effect transistor (Power-TFET)
Power tunnel field effect transistors
Scanning electron microscope image of the gate electrode of the power tunnel field effect transistor (power TFET) realized via the first "marketplace of ideas" and output characteristic fields of three power TFET types


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