In the workshop

From the idea to implementation

The practical relevance of the teaching is established through the workshop training. The practical training in mechanical material processing and synthesis, system, circuit and component development, design, validation, testing and trial runs parallel to the theoretical study of natural sciences and electrical engineering and information technology, taking into account ethics, preservation of creation, sustainability, quality & reliability, but also perfect design.

The workshop training follows the philosophy:

From the bachelor's training via the master's degree to mastery!

And as in 1919, when the doors of the Bauhaus first opened, the essence of the workshop is the same:

  • Avoidance of all staring, preference for the creative, freedom of individuality,
  • Participation of the students in the research and development work of our department,
  • Production and realization of creative ideas and concepts.

Every student can start working as a workshop student in a master workshop!


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