Current information on the Corona pandemic

All important information from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology – For students, lecturers and employees

Here we have listed all important regulations concerning the Corona pandemic for students, lecturers and employees of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

Please keep yourself informed and stay healthy!

Classroom teaching in the winter semester 2021/22 (September 16, 2021)

At its meeting on September 14, 2021, the Rector's Office approved several stipulations for the resumption of face-to-face teaching in the winter term 2021/22. These include:

  • At least 50% of the total teaching in presence is the goal.
  • Mouth and nose protection must be worn in all buildings, and FFP2 masks must be worn in all lecture halls and workrooms where teaching in attendance is taking place.
  • Lecture halls and workrooms should not be occupied more than 50% of the time.
  • Anyone attending lectures in attendance must provide proof that he or she has been vaccinated, recovered or tested negative (3G rule).
  • The faculties plan and design their own face-to-face courses for the individual programs of study.
  • Where no face-to-face teaching is possible, an additional and equivalent online teaching offer must be made available.

Further, more detailed specifications have also been sent to all students and staff by e-mail. These can also be read in detail in the Corona News Ticker of the University of Stuttgart.

Updated version of the hygiene concept published (September 8, 2021)

The University of Stuttgart has revised its hygiene concept on the basis of the valid Corona regulations of the state. Facilities and institutes can order lay self-tests for official purposes (events in presence) via an online form if the angenomme does not correspond to the real need.

Here you can find more information about the updated hygiene concept of the University of Stuttgart.

New regulations of the Corona Ordinance Study operation from August 24, 2021 (August 25, 2021)

On August 24, 2021, a new Corona Ordinance on Study Operations [only in German language] was established, which regulates study operations from the winter semester 2021/22. This implements the innovations of the latest resolutions of the Federal Conference and the requirements of the new Corona Ordinance BW of August 16, 2021. In particular, this means that an obligation for all participants to present proof of vaccination, convalescence or testing is to be provided, especially for indoor events. This now also affects study events, for which the presentation of proof of vaccination, convalescence or testing is also required with immediate effect.

For attendance events applies:

As a general rule, from now on all attendance events of the study operation require the presentation of proof of vaccination, convalescence or negative test (3-G proof) in order to participate in the events; without corresponding proof, participation in the event is not possible. This applies to all participants of an event, i.e. equally to students, lecturers and other teaching staff and all those participating in the event. This includes in particular all attendance courses and events for exam inspection.

The following applies to all examinations: The university management has granted an exemption from the obligation to present proof of vaccination, convalescence or testing for this purpose, because a minimum distance of 1.5 m from other participants is reliably maintained and there is an obligation to wear a medical mask or respiratory protection (FFP2 mask). Therefore, no proof of vaccination, convalescence or testing is currently still required for participation in an examination. This also applies to participation in a doctoral examination.

In this context, the regulations regarding the mask requirement are also unchanged. The valid regulations continue to apply here.

If a 3-G proof is required for participation in an event, the verification of the proof is carried out by the head of the event or a person designated by him or her. If the proof is provided by a negative test result, then this must be up-to-date, i.e. it must not be older than 24 hours at the time of admission to the event. Persons who do not provide proof of 3-G must be excluded from participation in the event. For more information on 3-G proof, please see the Corona FAQ.

Use of student study spaces and libraries

Effective immediately, proof of immunization, convalescence, or negative testing is also required for use of student study spaces and libraries. This does not apply to the pickup and return of media when using the libraries. Verification of proof when using the libraries is done by the respective library. For the use of the student study areas, the verification is carried out by employees of Securitas.

If the verification is done by a negative test result, then the verification must be up to date, which means it must not be older than 24 hours when accessing a library or study room. Persons who do not provide 3-G proof are prohibited from entering and using the library or study room in question. Non-compliance constitutes a misdemeanor and can be sanctioned with a fine by the responsible regulatory office in accordance with § 12 Corona-VO Studienbetrieb.

Planned study and teaching in the winter term 2021/22 (July 22, 2021)

In the winter semester 2021/22, the University of Stuttgart would like to enable on-site studying and teaching again and offer as many face-to-face events as possible on campus. Depending on the pandemic situation, attendance, hybrid or online events will therefore take place. Large parts of the studies will therefore take place on campus again and no longer at home in front of the computer.

Please continue to stay informed, as we cannot guarantee continuous online teaching in the coming winter semester. However, be prepared to attend face-to-face classes in Stuttgart again.

The final decision on how exactly to organize the study and teaching in the winter semester 2021/22 will be made by the Rectorate of the University of Stuttgart by mid-September at the latest. We will inform you about this immediately. Please also check the Corona website of the University of Stuttgart regularly.

According to the current "Corona regulation Studienbetrieb" [only in German language] of the Ministry of Science Baden-Württemberg, valid since July 1, students should be prepared that admission to attendance events in the upcoming winter semester will only be allowed for persons who have been vaccinated, recovered or tested. Therefore, we ask you to get vaccinated now. By doing so, you will protect yourself as well as those around you and help us return to a normal academic schedule.

Suspension of attendance studies extended (December 1, 11:20 am)

As already announced, the state government has updated the CoronaVO BW and the CoronaVO Study Operation of the Ministry of Science with effect from December 1, 2020. As already expected by the university, the suspension of the presence study operation will be extended. The extension is initially valid until the beginning of the lecture-free Christmas break on December 23, 2020. In this context, the Ministry of Science has already informed the universities that a further extension of the suspension of the attendance study program can be expected afterwards.

Detailed information on the extension of the suspension of the attendance study program and on the exceptions in the area of courses and exams that can currently be held in attendance due to an exceptional approval of the Rectorate can be found in the Corona Newsticker and in the corresponding FAQs.

No classroom teaching from November 2, 2020 (October 30, 3 pm)

The current Corona Ordinance of the State of BW dated Friday, October 30, 2020, shows that online teaching will be the rule at the University of Stuttgart until the end of November. Presence events can therefore only be held where it is epidemiologically justifiable and absolutely necessary to ensure the successful completion of the course of study in the winter semester. However, this does not apply to normal semester activities and is especially only valid for examinations and laboratory internships. According to the MWK, the university and state libraries will remain open in November, subject to special protective measures, in order to enable academic work to continue.

Welcome to the WS 2020/21 (for freshmen in the Bachelor's program, 2020-09-29) [only in German language]

© Universität Stuttgart

Please watch the video: Your study dean will explain to you how the teaching in the winter semester 2020/21 works. This is important to all first semester students, who start with the Bachelor's program "Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik" in the winter semester at the University of Stuttgart.

Teaching in the winter semester 2020/21 (July 16, 2020)

The Rectorate of the University of Stuttgart has decided on a framework of conditions for teaching in the winter semester 2020/21. Due to the corona pandemic situation it will be a largely digital semester with some individual attendance courses. In the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, we are committed to offering the lectures and welcoming events for students in the first semester largely as classroom teaching.

You will find further information in the corona newsticker of the University of Stuttgart.

Update of the corona guidelines (version 2.0, July 7, 2020)

The updated corona guidelines (version 2.0) of the University of Stuttgart came into force on 7th July 2020. You will find them in the current corona newsticker of the university. They include some new regulations for students and employees concerning the following topics: Admission procedures, pre-course internships, examinations in the summer semester 2020, lecture and teaching activities, deadline extensions and standard study period, post exam reviews, doctoral examinations as well as working hours und business travels. The relevant FAQs have been altered in accordance with the new corona guidelines.

Please check there regularly for the current status.

Information from the Study Dean (March 26, 2020)

© University of Stuttgart

Start of the summer semester 2020 (March 23, 2020)

The summer semester is expected to begin on April 20, 2020, with the online teaching. The teachers are currently working flat out to make the courses offered in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology for the summer semester 2020 available in digital form. Further information on the individual modules can also be found in C@mpus and Ilias.

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