Social counseling in English

Faculty 5 offers social counseling in English for its international students. In a confidential setting you can talk about your worries and difficulties and gain new perspectives.

As a student you have to face many challenges – the pressure of exams, managing your own time and finances, getting acquainted with a new city or even culture, finding new friends and so on. Sometimes it might get all too much and you’re starting to feel overwhelmed. Faculty 5 now offers social counseling for its international students in English. In a confidential conversation, our counselor can help you to cope with your current issues, feelings or doubts and gain new perspectives and solutions. Topics of the talks could be study-related and work-related (beyond organizational or content-related questions/concerns), anxiety, isolation, depressive moods, homesickness etc.

Please note that Faculty 5 can’t provide a long-term therapy, but the number of consultation hours per student is limited. For further information, please either contact the coordinator of the ISP (Ms. Annette Maske) or your program manager:

  • M.Sc. Computational Linguistics & M.Sc. Computer Science: Dr. Stefanie Anstein
  • M.Sc. Electrical Engineering (EENG): Dr. Markus Gaida
  • M.Sc. INFOTECH: Dr. Emna Eitel

All German-speaking students at the University of Stuttgart currently have access to the Psychological Counseling Center of the Studierendenwerk in order to talk about problems that go beyond organizational and study-related counseling.

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Coordinators of the International Service Point (ISP) – Faculty 5

Pfaffenwaldring 47 | Room 4.270 , Stuttgart

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