May 7, 2019 / David Rohnert

Alert of Fraud

Dear students.
Due to a recent incident, the International Office wants to warn all international students of frauds targeting especially foreigners by fraudulent calls or criminal visits in the dormitories.
This week an Indian student was apparently called by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs in Berlin and informed that he allegedly had given wrong data in his immigration form und thus will be sent back to India. The caller knew a lot of personal data about the student. The number in the display matched the actual phone number of that Ministry. While on the phone, two armed men came to his door. They pressured the student to pay a certain amount of money for a lawyer, in order to avert the deportation.

Be prudent!

• There are no completely unannounced deportations.
• Decisions on all questions concerning your stay or residence permit in Germany will only be taken by German authorities. Authorities of the international students’ home countries are not entitled to any action concerning this issue.
• The responsible foreign registration office in Germany will inform you first, if they suspect that your stay in Germany is illegal.
• The number shown on the display can be faked by criminals.
• Keep the dormitory doors closed and don’t open the doors for strangers.

There is a security service patrolling the student dorms on campus Vaihingen and Möhringen. It can be called in case of disturbances of peace Tel. 07032 992025.

In immediate danger you may call the toll free emergency number 110.
The police also help to assess a precarious situation. That means you may also call the number when in doubt whether this is a serious fraud or a harmless incident.
The police station for Vaihingen/Möhringen/Degerloch is available 24/7, Balinger Str. 31, Stuttgart- Möhringen Tel. 0711 8990 3400.
The police station Vaihingen is at Robert-Leicht-Str. 15, Tel. 0711 8990 4460.

With this information we would like to give you some advice how to avoid similar incidents. In general you can be sure that Germany is still a safe country..

Should you need help or further advice, please do not hesitate to contact the International Office,

Kind regards
Your International Office at the University of Stuttgart

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