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July 1, 2021 / Petra Enderle

Christian Senger receives "Special Teaching Award" from students

Presentation of the teaching awards on the Day of Teaching and Learning

On June 30, 2021, the first day of teaching and learning, the teaching awards of the University of Stuttgart were presented in a digital forum by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hansgeorg Binz, Prorector for Teaching and Further Education. A "special prize for teaching" from the student representative body "Stuvus" was awarded to Dr.-Ing. Christian Senger, the deputy director of the Institute of Telecommunications (INÜ), who convinced his students with his special commitment to teaching.

In the digital semester, it was not always easy to keep in touch with the students. Christian Senger nevertheless organized the issue of microcontrollers for his students so that they could also experiment with programming microcontroller circuits from home. He also succeeded in conveying the complex subject of hardware-related programming in an appealing way, for example with the help of an Irish shanty. "This meant that we could simply try out what we had learned, it was really fun and we looked forward to the exercise every week like a new episode of a series," said Dina Hesse, one of his students, in her laudatory speech. Christian Senger distinguishes himself in particular by constantly wanting to improve himself and his teaching. Thus, he likes to take up the feedback of his students and "always tries something new" to motivate them. "That's why Dr. Senger deserves this award from the students, both professionally, methodically and motivationally," Hesse and the students summed up.

"The special prize is particularly important to me because it comes directly from the students. My goal is to get them excited about the lecture content and encourage them to actively participate so that they benefit as much as possible from the tools and methods taught in their further studies and professional life," says Dr.-Ing. Christian Senger about his award. The "Special Teaching Award" from "Stuvus" is endowed with 2,000 EUR, which is earmarked for the improvement of teaching.

We congratulate cordially!

Laudatory speech for Dr.-Ing. Christian Senger
Laudatory speech from Dina Hesse for Dr.-Ing. Christian Senger
Dr.-Ing. Christian Senger
The award winner Dr.-Ing. Christian Senger
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