The doctoral students of the INÜ, Sebastian Cammerer, Sebastian Dörner and Maximilian Arnold and Prof. Stephan ten Brink, head of the INÜ as winners of the Bell Labs prizes

January 10, 2020 /

Doctoral students of the INÜ receive Bell Labs prize

Indoor tracking system of the Institute of Communications receives $25,000
[Picture: University of Stuttgart]

The Nokia Bell Labs Prize is a competition for inventors from around the world. The aim is to reward researchers who are revolutionizing the world of information and communication technologies.

The $25,000 prize was awarded in December 2019 in New Jersey, USA, to the three doctoral students of the Institute for Telecommunications Transmission (INÜ) at the University of Stuttgart, Maximilian Arnold, Sebastian Dörner and Sebastian Cammerer. Together with Institute Director Prof. Stephan ten Brink, they have developed an indoor positioning system that can be used to determine the positions of, for example, workers, robots and machines within a factory. For this invention, which is an important basis for the Industrial Revolution 4.0, the research team was awarded third place in the renowned Bell Labs Prize.

We congratulate the doctoral students of the INÜ and Prof. ten Brink for the prize!

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