April 1, 2021 / Petra Enderle

Special Teaching Award for Christian Senger

Award for very good teaching in telecommunications

Dr.-Ing. Christian Senger, deputy director of the Institute for Telecommunications (INÜ), has received one of the two special awards for teaching 2020 from the student representative body Stuvus. The field of nominees was very strong this year, so Stuvus has decided to award two special prizes, each worth EUR 2,000. The prize money will be used to improve teaching. The presentation of the University of Stuttgart Teaching Award and the Stuvus Special Awards will take place on the Day of Teaching and Learning on June 30, 2021 under the question "How digital is good teaching?", starting at 1:30 pm.

With the award, the students' representation recognizes Christian Sengers' ability to convey the complex subject of hardware-related programming in a clear way to students with different levels of knowledge. Especially his lecture and exercise "Grundlagen der Programmierung (GDP)" for first-semester Bachelor students in the winter semester and the English-language lecture "Error Control Coding: Algebraic and Convolutional Codes" for Master students in the summer semester were decisive for the award of the special prize.

"The special prize is particularly important to me because it comes directly from the students. My goal is to get them excited about the lecture content and encourage them to actively participate so that they benefit as much as possible from the tools and methods taught in their further studies and professional life," says Christian Senger about winning the award. Congratulations!

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