September 26, 2019 / Laura Steiner

VDI-Study Award 2019 for outstanding Master's thesis at the University of Stuttgart

Increasing data rates require new technologies
[Picture: VDI]

The Association of German Engineers (VDI) has awarded the 2019 VDI Study Prize to a master's thesis at the Institute for Robust Power Semiconductor Systems at the University of Stuttgart. The prize goes to Mario Hüttel, who convinced the jury with his thesis "Design of a power and envelope detector for ultra fast communication systems in the low terahertz region".

Mario Hüttel, 24, born in Bad Urach, Germany, commented on his work: "I was fascinated by working in the high frequency range with a technology that does not yet exist productively. He sees particular application areas for this in mobile communications.

Prof. Ingmar Kallfass, head of the Institute for Robust Power Semiconductor Systems at the University of Stuttgart, praised the excellent master's thesis: "The master's thesis was particularly demanding from a scientific point of view. The application of the theoretical knowledge from the studies and the transfer knowledge for the practical conversion create only few.

The Master's thesis was written as part of a project on terahertz communication. Due to the increasing data rates, the working frequencies of the circuits become higher, since sufficient broadband channels are only available in the higher frequency bands (from 250 GHz). The challenge is to send high data rates via radio instead of expensive fiber optic transmission. The master thesis was supervised by Iulia Dan from the Institute for Robust Power Semiconductor Systems: "Designing circuits at these frequencies is a big challenge and a core competence at the institute. Mario Hüttel developed a power detector for a 300 GHz receiver and quickly and intensively integrated himself into the technology and the various simulation programs. The successful work of Mr. Hüttel has been used in an ongoing research project of the European Commission".

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