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July 5, 2021 / Petra Enderle

What will the mobility of the future look like?

Recording of the lecture on the occasion of the Days of Science 2021

Prof. Dr. Nejila Parspour is enthusiastic about the mobility of the future – sustainable and intelligent. As part of the MobiLab project, the head of the Institute for Electrical Energy Conversion and her team are exploring not only new means of transportation and electric drive systems, but also energy storage and distribution systems. Exciting research project among many: dynamic charging of e-cars while driving. "Battery-powered e-cars are only climate-neutral if the electricity comes from renewable sources," warned the professor, who definitely sees trains with fuel cell drives in the future.

The current lecture by Prof. Parspour on "Mobility of the Future" (in German language) can be streamed via the YouTube channel of the University of Stuttgart.

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