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Studying Abroad

Would you like to study abroad? We strongly encourage you to do so! You will find information on Erasmus, overseas and other exchange programs as well as short term programs.

Why should I study abroad?

Studying abroad

  • offers new perspectives on your studies
  • can allow you to complement your studies with content not offered at your home university
  • is an exercise in initiative, organization, and also courage
  • is a unique way to get to know new people
  • allows you to learn a new language
  • allows you to travel
  • is a lot of fun
  • can be very useful for your future career
  • and many benefits more!


Which possibilities exist?

There are different ways of spending time abroad. If you are interested in studying at a European university, the Erasmus+Program is probably the best option. Faculty 5 has several contracts with universities under this program. For universities in other parts of the world there are also exchange contracts, generally known as overseas program. Of course, you can also organize your stay independently with a university we do not have a contract with, as a so called freemover. If you only want to spend a short time abroad, check below for information on short term programs.

Further information on programs and application

Erasmus+ is the exchange program for European universities. The International Center of the University of Stuttgart explains the exact application procedure. On their website you can also find a list of universities with which faculty 5 has Erasmus exchange contracts. If you are interested in a specific university, talk to the Erasmus coordinator in charge of that exchange program (see also below).

If you are interested in studying in other parts of the world (apart from Europe, for Europe see the Erasmus+ program), you can apply for a place at one of the University of Stuttgart's partner universities. You can find the list of partner universities online, by clicking on the region you are interested in. Make sure the chosen university is open to Engineering and Computer Science students! The application procedure is managed by the University's international center, but the International Service Center of Faculty 5 can advise you whether the chosen university is the right one for you in terms of academic aspects.




If the university you are interested in is not in one of the exchange programs and no partner university of ours, you can still try to apply for a place as a freemover. Talk to the responsible advisor in the International Center of the university, and carefully consult the websites of the International Center of the university you are interested in for application procedures and requirements.

The International Center (IZ) of the University of Stuttgart offers further information in its FAQs. It includes information on funding, preparation of your exchange, application procedures and requirements (e.g. language skills).

It is desirable that you choose those courses at your exchange university that allow for a recognition here in Stuttgart. Make a list of courses you think might work and then come to the International Service Point of Faculty 5 to talk to your advisor. You will fill in a learning agreement which is the basis for recognizing credits. The International Center has a procedure chart on its website.

Interested in a short term program?

Instead of studying abroad for one or two semesters you can also (or additionally!) consider a short term program. While many universities offer summer schools and similar programs that allow you to participate in an intensive course program we would like to point out two programs which are organised by our faculty: The Ferienakademie allows students from faculty 5 (plus students from Munich and Erlangen-Nürnberg) an exceptional learning experience in South Tyrol. Different courses, often interdisciplinary, are offered for highly dedicated students, plus a supporting program including hiking and excursions.

Another successful program is the Sino-German joint class, anually organised by the Institute for Telecommunications (check the institutes website for information on dates and application). Students from our programs visit the Nanjing University for Science and Technology (NUST), and take classes on communications and information technology, together with local students from NUST.

Erasmus Coordinators

Dieses Bild zeigt  Katrin Schneider

Katrin Schneider

Studiengangsmanagerin aller Studiengänge der Informatik; Fachbereichsmanagerin; Erasmus-Koordinatorin


Heike Adel

Gleichstellungsbeauftragte Fakultät; Erasmus-Koordinatorin


Katharina Geng

International Service Point Faculty 5; Erasmus-Koordinatorin

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