Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Faculty 5

Our departments of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering cover the entire spectrum of information and communication technologies, with additional emphasis on automation, sustainable energy and electromobility. We are very committed to collaborative research and teaching, and follow a strong interdisciplinary approach.

Basic research for next-generation technologies

Computer science, electrical engineering and information technology impact all aspects of modern life. We at the University of Stuttgart study and investigate a wide range of issues, and we are good at it. Our reputation as a stand-out research faculty is reflected in our good external funding rankings. Among some of the issues and challenges we deal with are:

  • How can telecommunications reliability be improved?
  • How can devices communicate with each other intelligently, and why do they communicate at all?
  • How can technology support old and chronically ill people in their daily lives?
  • How can I make sure my car understands me?
  • What will the production line of the future look like?
  • What will we do with used solar panels?

In Computer Science and Information Technology we thus cover the entire spectrum of information and communication technologies: starting with nano and optoelectronics, through hardware and software fundamentals to highly complex application systems, including their pictorial and linguistic representations.
Other core competencies in Electrical Engineering include energy conversion, electricity generation and distribution in an environmentally friendly manner, and power semiconductor research.

Facts about Faculty 5

  • Two departmentsComputer Science and Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • around 50 Professors – in 24 institutes
  • approximately 3.000 students – about 1.800 in bachelor study programs and 1.200 in master programs; around eighteen percent of the student population are female
  • 16 study programs – 6 bachelor programs, Computer Science State Examination for Teachers, 6 master programs, 4 international master programs; we also contribute to other study programs, especially bachelor programs 
  • Long tradition – 1882 the first Professor of Electrical Engineering at Stuttgart Institute of Technology; The Computer Science study program was introduced in the 1970/71 winter semester

Intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary connections

We cooperate in research and teaching with numerous other departments and institutions both inside and outside the university. Specifically, we participate in joint research and teaching projects with the Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics and Physics Faculties, as well as with the Faculty of Humanities in the field of Digital Humanities. We are actively involved in the GSaME and SimTech excellence projects. We participate in joint projects with business and academia, e.g. the Robert-Bosch Center for Power Electronics and the Herman-Hollerith Center (both with Reutlingen University). We are also taking part in two cooperative doctoral programs “Digital Media” and “Service Computing”.

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