Committees and Functions

Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Who is responsible for what? You will find all key contacts in the main academic self-management committees in our faculty here.

The Faculty Council is the principal organizational entity of the faculty. It decides on Senate applications such as the introduction of new study programs, changes to exam regulations, appointment proposals and the composition of all other faculty committees. During the semester it convenes once a month. The dates are available online.

Chairman: Dean of the Faculty


  • All professors of the faculty
  • Delegates of mid-level faculty
  • Delegates of technical and administrative staff
  • Delegates of the students

Contact via the deans' office.

Doctoral committees are responsible for acceptance for doctoral degree studies and appointing study advisers and examining boards. The committees meet once a month during the semester. A list of dates can be obtained from the Dean's office.

PhD Board Dr.-Ing.: Head Prof. Dr. Jan Hesselbarth

PhD Board Dr. rer. nat.: Head Prof. Dr. Andrés Bruhn

PhD Board Dr. phil.: Head Prof. Dr. Jonas Kuhn

Head: Dean of the faculty

The Habilitation Committee only convenes when required. Please contact the Dean's office.

The examination board is responsible for changes to exam regulations; it rules on student applications, like applications for late de-registration or credits for academic records and examination results. Contact: The Examining Board for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology can be reached at the Secretary’s Office for the Chair of the Examining Board. Contact the Study-Program Manager for the Examining Boards for Computer Science.

For more information and forms please refer to the relevant study-program web pages.

Contact details of the heads of the board:

The state law on universities and colleges states that the study commissions are responsible for the functioning of the study program, for its further development and for its evaluation.

The Deans of Studies are the heads of the commissions:

Dean of Studies Computer Science and Software Engineering/Software Engineering/Data Science/Media Informatics/Computer Science: Prof. Dr. Andrés Bruhn

Dean of Studies Machine Language Processing & Computational Linguistics: Prof. Dr. Sebastian Pado

Dean of Studies Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Electrical Engineering: Prof. Dr. Ingmar Kallfass

Dean of Studies INFOTECH: Prof. Dr. Stephan ten Brink

Dean of Studies Electromobility: Prof. Dr. Kai Birke

Dean of Studies Sustainable Electrical Power Supply: Prof. Dr. Stefan Tenbohlen

Dean of Studies Autonomous Systems: Prof. Dr. Michael Weyrich


Gender Equality Officer:

Dr. Michael Roth

Deputy Gender Equality Officer and Diversity Officer:
Jun.-Prof. Carina Silberer

Find out more about Gender Equality and Diversity at our faculty:

Sonja Krieger


Faculty Manager, Faculty 5

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