Incoming exchange-students

There is a wide range of study and internship opportunities available for students abroad at the University of Stuttgart.

General Information

Welcome to the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of University of Stuttgart!  

In order to study at our Department as an exchange student, you must be enrolled at a partner university of the University of Stuttgart. You can study one or two semesters at the University of Stuttgart, for example within the framework of the exchange Erasmus+ agreements.

Below you will find some useful information for planning your stay in our Department.

For international students and applicants

The International Office is responsible for the application and admission to our exchange programmes. You can find information on the application procedure on the International Office´s website.

The lecture period in Germany starts quite late compared to other european countries. Please make sure your are still in Stuttgart when exams take place.                                                                                                                

 Winter Term:        

Lecture Period: Middle of October -  Middle of February                                                                                

Exam Period: Middle of February - Beginning of April                                                                

Summer Term:                                                                                                                           

Lecture Period: Middle of April - End of July                                                                                        

Exam Period: Beginning of August - Beginning of October                                                                                    

The academic calendar divides our academic year in two semesters.                                  

Please consider the different teaching and examination periods when planning your exchange stay! A regular semester has 30 ECTS credits.

In principle, you are completely free in your choice of courses and can select from the range of bachelor's and master's programs those courses that best fit into your study schedule and for which you receive credit at your home university.

If you wish to take courses from other departments, you must contact the respective department to find out about any restrictions.                                                                                   

It is also possible to follow german courses (Intensive German course before the beginning of the semester and German course during the semester).                                                               

In the Bachelor's degree, the language of instruction at the department is predominantly German.

Many of our seminars at Master's level are offered in English, so that in the Master's it is possible to study either in English or in German.

You can find detailed information about the courses on C@MPUS.

Course registration is only possible if you are enrolled in the corresponding semester.

If you register for a course in C@MPUS, you have many advantages. Whether course registration is mandatory depends on the specific course.


We expect a B1 level in German if you want to attend courses taught in German.  


We expect a B2 level in English if you want to attend courses taught exclusively in English.

We also expect a B2 level in English if you intend to write your Bachelor or Master thesis during your exchange.

However, we strongly recommend that you acquire a good basic knowledge of German before starting your studies in Stuttgart, which will make everyday life such as finding a room, shopping, socializing etc. much easier.

Before the start of your stay, you should fill in a learning agreement with the courses that you would like to follow at the University of Stuttgart.

Do not hesitate to contact the Erasmus coordinators for any questions about your choice of courses. Gladly also by Email.

You have to register to all exams, including lab, in the registration period (see announcement of examination office)

At the end of your stay, you will be able to print out your Transcript of Records yourself. The Transcript is available on your  C@MPUS.



If you intend to write a Bachelor's or Master's thesis during your stay in Stuttgart, you have to find a supervisor at the institute where you would like to write the thesis.

Please note that you have to find both your topic and your supervisor on your own.

When having the wish to write a thesis as an exchange student, we recommand you to come for two semesters. Then you have the time to organize a thesis in person for your second semester.                                              

In case you want to pursue a thesis during your exchange stay, you have to follow the regular rules of our Department for theses on bachelor's and master's level.

The rules for theses can not be adapted on our side with regard to amount of ECTS credits or level, only on the side of your home university.

Please discuss this with the coordinator/supervisor at your home university.

A Bachelor’s Thesis has usually 12 ECTS (duration of four months).

A Master’s Thesis lasts 6 months and has 30 ECTS.

A thesis has to be registered and submitted in time and according to our rules. 

Your study exchange will be supervised by two different departments.    

The Erasmus coordinators from our Department will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your studies, course selection, Learning agreement and other academic matters.                                                                                                                                             

All questions regarding administration, processing and other non-academic matters will be answered by the International Office of the University.

On the website of the student council you will find useful information about our department.  

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Wichtige Ansprechpartner

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Virginie Herbasch


Internationalization Office Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Advisory for exchange programs, Erasmus Coordination

Markus Gaida

PD Dr.-Ing.

Managing Director association of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Institutes (EI); Program Manager of Electrical Engineering (EE); Academic Counseling of EE, Erasmus-Coordinator of EE, Head of the internationalization of EE

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