Research Profile Electrical Engineering

Faculty 5

Research on basic questions and applications - our institutes belong to the best research facilities in Germany and look back on a successfull history of over one hundred years.

Impressions from EE Research

Our core competencies

Power electronics: We are specialists in power semiconductors, for their design and packaging, and for circuits, and we research processes to improve the reliability of power-electronic systems and to make them more energy efficient.

Nano, opto and quantum mechanics: We are pushing technological development and go beyond established boundaries to advance information processing, transmission and storage.

Smart sensors: in a range of application areas, like automation, communication, sensor-signal processing, energy: among the key challenges are economical manufacture, miniaturization, speed and energy efficiency.

Information technology for industry 4.0: Among the topics covered are automation and software systems for dynamic cooperation, for autonomous adaption and for system tests, and for self diagnosis; MEMS components for applications; integrated sensor-signal processing and big-data analysis. For more information, see our Whitepaper.

Electromobility: In this research area new types of electrical drives are developed, innovative infrastructure measures, such as highly efficient wireless energy and data transmission systems are tested, and driver assistance systems are studied and developed.

Renewable energies and energy efficiency: We investigate photovoltaics including the manufacture of highly efficient solar panels, feeding into the power grid along with the associated infrastructure, and solar-cell disposal. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), the life-cycle management of transmission and distribution systems, and concepts for smart grids. Next-generation batteries, accumulators, etc. are among the new topics being researched.

Successes and cooperations

Our success in attracting external funding and in research-oriented industrial cooperations is a testament to our high research and innovation standards. While partnering with other universities from all over the world and especially in Asia, we are still very much rooted here in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. This is borne out by our cooperations in the fields of electromobility and quantum electronics with neighboring universities; we can look back on many years cooperation in power semiconductors with Reutlingen university and Robert Bosch GmbH in the Robert Bosch Center for Power Electronics.

Department Manager

Markus Gaida

PD Dr.-Ing.

Managing Director association of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Institutes (EI); Program Manager of Electrical Engineering (EE); Academic Counseling of EE, Erasmus-Coordinator of EE, Head of the internationalization of EE

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