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Helpful tips for students in the Bachelor's program in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

C@mpus is not only the central platform for applying to study at the University of Stuttgart. C@mpus is used to manage almost everything that belongs to studying: You can create your timetable, register for modules and exams (e.g. for the interdisciplinary SQ) or retrieve semester marks, create forms and check your grades and tuition fees.

Useful instructions for C@mpus

Cafeterias, universe, aquarium, in the afternoon in the study room of the MINT-Kolleg (in the restaurant of the canteen)

Public CIP pools:

  • Universum (TIK), Pfaffenwaldring 45, access with student card
  • NWZ-Pool (TIK), Pfaffenwaldring 57
  • IKR-Pool, Pfaffenwaldring 47, 1.311 (only for students of the department ETIT

Via the learning platform ILIAS students can not only receive all scripts in the form of PDFs for their lectures, exercises and practical training. They can also exchange information with lecturers because their student e-mail address is linked to ILIAS. Therefore you should check ILIAS more often if there are current news concerning your courses.

However, important e-mails (e.g. the deadlines for registering for the SQs or the basic internship) are usually not sent via ILIAS but sent to the student e-mail address. These can be accessed via the web interface of the e-mail client from anywhere on the Internet.

Please send print orders by e-mail to the print service of the University of Stuttgart.

If you need copies, you can make them yourself in the copy shop in the cafeteria building (at the upper exit).

As a student you have free access to license programs of the Universität Stuttgart.

Commercial providers also often offer discounts for students.

For learning purposes, you as a student also have access to free e-books from many publishers (e.g. Springer, Hanser, DeGruyter, etc.). You can find them in the catalogue of the University Library in the "Advanced Search" in the media type "Online Resources". You can access it via the computers of the Cip-Pools or via the internet.

Here you will find all offers of university life to participate in.

Here you will find a list of your contacts for problems during your studies.

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