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Research in almost all areas of computer science and computational linguistics is our passion. The following comprehensive competence domains arise from this broad spectrum of topics.
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Impressions from CS research

Our core competencies

Reliable, secure and fault-tolerant systems: Society increasingly relies on properly functioning IT systems and applications. Emergency-support systems in particular impact life, health, and prosperity. We develop methodologies for practical, reliable and fault-tolerant systems, cooperating closely with all branches of computer science and engineering.

Simulation and visualization: These two fields are very interdisciplinary; they increasingly permeate science and engineering; and their presence is felt in many areas of daily life. We focus on developing efficient and highly parallel simulation algorithms, notably for data and calculation management, as well as interactive data analysis and visualization.

Autonomous and interactive systems: Interacting robotic systems, autonomous control systems for cars, and interactive systems all form part of this research field. We are working on challenging issues, such as perception through sensors, embodied intelligence and learning behavior, the representation of complex information, and natural interaction between intelligent systems and humans.

Complex information and communication systems: Efficient and smart use of heterogeneous information is key for creating and operating applications nowadays. We study and develop fundamental techniques for information integration, search and presentation to make available the required information in the correct format, in the right place and at the right time. We also deal with communication systems as well as complex, distributed, mobile and ubiquitous systems.

Language and knowledge processing: Communication between man and machine and access to information and knowledge is facilitated by automated speech processing systems. Competencies in speech synthesis, (semi)automatic resource creation, parsing, semantic processing, statistical language processing, information extraction and retrieval.

Successes and Cooperations

Our stand-out external-funding success is a testament to the caliber of our research: we are always among the top rankings in the German Research Funding Atlas. Cooperations with non-university research centers, neighboring universities and technical colleges are all part of our research profile. We are committed to the high-tech hub Baden-Württemberg. We partner with numerous start-ups and businesses in research, notably the Hermann-Hollerith Center and the IBM Technology Partnership Centers.

Department Manager

This image shows Katrin Schneider

Katrin Schneider


Program Manager, Department Manager & Erasmus Coordinator of the Computer Science Department

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