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Dilip Arul Prakash studies M.Sc. Electrical Engineering (EENG) at Faculty 5. In the interview he talks about his first days and steps after arriving in Stuttgart and also gives prospective students and new international students valuable personal advice.
[Photo: Dilip Arul Prakash]

By now Dilip Arul Prakash, student of the master's program Electrical Engineering (EENG) of Faculty 5, has settled well in Germany and is highly involved in the daily life at and around the University of Stuttgart. We asked him seven questions about his arrival, his welcome and support offered by the University of Stuttgart and also for advice he would like to share with prospective and new international students.

Mr. Arul Prakash, what did you do in advance to prepare for your first days in Stuttgart and your study?

In order to be prepared for the first few days in Stuttgart, I watched a lot videos and vlogs about the city on YouTube and also made myself aware of the most important things, that I should do immediately after arriving in the first few days. 

What were your first steps after your arrival in Stuttgart?

My first step immediately after arriving in Stuttgart was to visit the International Office (IZ) and to collect the welcome package. The staff at the IZ is very friendly and helpful and will give you a brief introduction about everything, that you should know. The welcome package also contains very useful information about the things you should do next and announcements of upcoming events organized by the IZ for incoming students. 

Regarding support for international students: What was good and what could have been better? Did you know whom to contact at our faculty and the International Office (IZ) for your inquiries?

The support for international students from the International Office (IZ) and as well from Faculty 5 was great. There were no issues in this respect. Yes, it is very clearly mentioned on the course website whom we need to contact at the Faculty 5 or at the IZ regarding our queries. 

How did you learn about the introductory events of the first semester which are offered by e.g. the International Office and the faculty? 

I was constantly going through the newsletter and the events and news section which is available on the website of the International Office (IZ) and also on the one of Faculty 5 to keep myself updated about the introductory events. 

Any important tips for new international students in getting acquainted with the new surroundings, the university and their study? 

I would strongly recommend new international students to participate in the buddy program and in the Intercultural Mentoring Program offered by the University of Stuttgart and the IZ since it will help you to get acquainted with the new surroundings. 

How did you get in contact with fellow students and senior students?

LinkedIn was a very helpful platform to connect with the fellow students, senior students and also with the PhD students of Faculty 5. 

Do you have any further advice you would like to share?

Yes, generally being an international student you tend to have a sense of fear as to how everything goes in the new country and city. I would like to encourage all the incoming international students of the University of Stuttgart to let go off the fear, to be confident and to enjoy the experience of studying abroad. The IZ and Faculty 5 are always supportive and helpful towards their international students, so you will definitely enjoy your stay in Stuttgart. 


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