Erasmus student Patricia

Patricia, erasmus student from Romania, studied in our department in the summer semester of 2022. In addition to attending various courses, she had the opportunity to write her master's thesis at ILH. She talks about her experiences.
[Photo: Patricia]

Hello Patricia, you have completed a study abroad program in our Department at the University of Stuttgart. What can you tell us about your experience?

I had heard that the University of Stuttgart is known for its excellent teaching. I can now say that I chose courses that I liked. Because of the pandemic situation, we had the opportunity to take courses both online and on-site.
I found everything I needed online on the website and the professors were very friendly. Whenever we had questions, they were willing to give us answers and even meet with us to discuss. 
I wrote my master thesis at ILH (Institute for Robust Power Semiconductor Systems). They accepted me as an Erasmus student even though it was something new for them. They were always there for me and quickly answered any of my questions. I had to write a master's thesis, which was a bit different from ours in Romania. It was a very nice experience and I had the opportunity to learn a lot. 
I would advise interested students to go to the University of Stuttgart because it is a nice experience. It's great to discover a new culture and improve your language skills.

This image shows Virginie Herbasch

Virginie Herbasch


Internationalization Office Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Advisory for exchange programs, Erasmus Coordination

Markus Gaida

PD Dr.-Ing.

Managing Director association of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Institutes (EI); Program Manager of Electrical Engineering (EE); Academic Counseling of EE, Erasmus-Coordinator of EE, Head of the internationalization of EE

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