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Computer Museum at the Department of Computer Science

Opening hours and guided tours of the Computer Museum at the Department of Computer Science

Guided tours for groups are available in German and English. Duration of the tour: approx. 90 minutes.

After an introduction to the development of mechanical and electronic calculating machines, the exhibits are shown in operation, including

  • mechanical and electronic desk calculators,
  • probably the oldest magnetic drum computer still in use in Germany,
  • an IBM 1130 with punch cards,
  • early minicomputer,
  • old input and output devices
  • and a large number of today's forgotten data carriers such as punched cards, punched tape, floppy disks, etc.

The tour is not only interesting for technical specialists, but also for technical laymen, who may have worked with these devices as users in their active professional life 40 years ago, without understanding the technology behind them.

Please contact Klemens Krause to make an appointment.

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