Application to higher semester

For prospective students who already have some previous achievements in study

What is to be considered?

If you are not sure whether the achievements you have achieved in your previous degree program will be recognised, please apply for both the first semester and a higher semester.

Please also note the information for students changing courses of study and universities.

Application deadlines

Application to a higher semester is possible for both the summer semester and the winter semester.

For the winter semester: Application deadline is always October 15.

For the summer semester: Application deadline is April 15.

Additional documents

Proof of your previous studies (c)
Proof of your previous studies

Please create a performance overview of your previous study programs in C@mpus for your records.

If you wish to change your study program, you must provide proof that you are fully informed about the contents and requirements of the new study program you intend to study in the future. This proof must be provided by a student advisory service. In the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, the subject advisor, Dr. Michael Oehme, will be happy to advise you in this regard.

Study advisor for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology


Michael Oehme

Academic Advisor Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

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