Basic internship

For students in the 2nd semester of the Bachelor's program in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

What is the basic internship?

Note: Due to the corona situation, the two basic internships (SoSe 2020 and SoSe 2021) will be postponed. (1) Those who should complete the basic internship in the 2nd semester in SoSe 2020 can currently make it up in SoSe 2021. (2) For students who are in the 2nd semester in SoSe 2021, the basic internship will be postponed to WS 2021/22. Please also check C@mpus regularly for the current dates.

The basic internship takes place in the second semester of the Bachelor's program in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. It is only offered in the summer semester and consists of five basic experiments in which students learn how to solder circuits themselves using practical examples and gain an overview of measurement technology.

The contents of the five basic experiments are:

  1. Properties of simple components and application of measuring devices
  2. Amplifier circuit with transistors
  3. Basics of simple digital circuits: Electronic Cube
  4. The transformer with Stanley and Tesla
  5. Generation and transmission of electrical energy

The five experimental dates are assigned to the students. They carry out the experiments together with a partner. Timely online registration is required for the basic internship. This means that students who do not register within the deadline (see below) will unfortunately not be able to participate in the basic practical course. Please note that this internship is only offered in the summer semester. Please find in the facts below the dates of the foundation internship.

Please always arrive punctually and well prepared for the experiments. You will find the tasks to be completed as preparation in the description of each experiment. Please read them thoroughly and complete the tasks before the experiments. Unfortunately, unprepared students cannot participate in the experiments: Please read in the facts below what consequences you can expect in this case.

To successfully complete the basic internship, students must also attend the safety seminar. This takes place only once a year (in WS 2020/21: the exact date will be announced) and takes about 2 hours. Those who miss it must make up for it one year later. Master students who would like to use the StudLab of the EI student council should also attend a safety seminar.

Therefore, if you have proven your participation in the safety seminar and also the five attempts by handing in the certificate of participation and the certificate sheets to the head of the basic practical course (normally at the end of the 2nd semester), you have passed the basic practical course in total.

Note: Due to the Corona situation, the basic internship will be made up in SoSe 2021 for students who were in the 2nd semester in SoSe 2020. Please inform yourself regularly in C@mpus about current dates.

Registration takes place only in C@mpus and is always possible until the last Sunday (until 23:59) before the start of the lecture period. You will also receive a notification by e-mail about 1 week before. So please read your student e-mail address regularly.

Changes in the dates of allocated experiments are in general only possible in agreement with the institute conducting the experiment. You will find the responsible person on the back of your certificate sheet. Tests that have been allocated to you on your certificate cannot be exchanged.

The facts in brief

Pedagogy of technology (el)

Bachelor students of technical pedagogy (el) please contact the internship supervisor (see below).

Science and Technology (el)

Students of teaching at NWT please contact the internship management (see below).

Other study programs

Students of other courses of study or guest students who would like to participate in the basic internship, please contact the internship management immediately (see below).

Comparable internship attempts that you have completed at another university or university of applied sciences can be credited towards the required attempts of the basic internship.

Please present your personal test protocols and certificates of participation during office hours, which must include the content and duration of the tests. You must do this in any case before the first attempts begin (see dates).

You cannot be released from the safety seminar. Experiments that you have carried out at institutions such as vocational schools, technical grammar schools or at dual universities or vocational academies cannot be credited.

The basic practical training (GP) includes the safety seminar. All students who complete the GP must attend a safety seminar. They do not need to register for it.

Please note that this only takes place once a year in the winter semester. The exact date will be announced in C@mpus. The security seminar takes about 2 hours. If you missed the date, you can make up for the security seminar one year later.

However, you can take part in the experiments of the basic internship, even if you have missed the security seminar. However, you will not have completed the foundation course until you have attended the safety seminar and submit your certificate of attendance along with the other certification sheets to the foundation course director during office hours.

In the 2nd semester, please register online in C@mpus for the basic internship. You do not need to come in person to the late registration deadline (see Dates). You can choose between different dates (usually these are Monday afternoons).

The dates of the GP attempts are coordinated with the dates of the lectures in the second semester B.Sc. Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. When choosing a key qualification, you must ensure yourself that there is no clash of dates and, if necessary, attend the SQ in a later semester.

As for all events, registration takes place in C@mpus. The dates will be every Monday, either 13:30 or 15:45 (first date varies from student to student).

Please make sure to check your student e-mail address regularly, as all further information will be sent through it.

The five attempts will be made with the same partner. You cannot get a partner of your choice. Please read your test record sheet carefully and observe the starting times of the test dates.

On Friday, 24 April 2020, at 15.00 (see dates), please collect your personal test certificate sheet with the 5 test dates and the test reprints.

If you are unable to attend, you can ask another person to collect your documents. You must give her your student ID or at least your full name and matriculation number. Early queuing for this appointment is unnecessary. Your trial dates will not be affected by this.

The online registration ended on Tuesday, 28.04.2018, at 19:00. After the online registration deadline, this is the last opportunity to register: By your personal appearance at the latecomer registration on Thursday, April 30, 2020, 9:30 a.m., at the GP office 0.107, Allmandring 3b, IGM.

I have not picked up my certificate or have not had it picked up. What should I do?

Come to the consultation hours immediately!

Anyone who appears after the first assigned test appointment cannot take part in the GP.

If you did not show up at all or too late for an allocated test date or were not sufficiently prepared and were therefore sent away, you must repeat the test at the same institute at another time.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Contact the staff member responsible for the basic internship at the respective institute as soon as possible (see back of your certificate sheet). The earlier you become active, the sooner a favourable solution can be found.
    Always include your participant number as well as the number and the date of the missed attempt and your email adress.
  2. If, exceptionally, there are still free places, a new (substitute) date will be assigned to you. You must confirm this date at short notice, otherwise it may be assigned to other participants.
  3. If there is no free appointment, you cannot be given an alternative date.
    In this case, you can come to the respective internship room on Wednesdays (or any other day on which your attempt takes place) and check whether a participant is missing. You can then take part in the experiment in your place. If all participants appear, you will not be able to participate on this date and will have to make a new attempt at a later date.
    Overbookings (more than two participants per attempt or more than four participants per double attempt) are not possible.
    The more often you try to make up for your attempt in this way, the greater your chance of success. If you start early, your chances are quite good, as participants are always absent without excuse.
    If you do not become active until the end of the lecture, you have quite a bad chance.
Please note:
If you are absent twice without excuse during attempts, you will be excluded from further participation in the basic internship without further inquiry. Your place will then be allocated elsewhere.

If you can no longer find your certificate sheet, contact the head of the basic internship and give your matriculation number, name and student number. He will issue you with a replacement certificate sheet which you can pick up during office hours.

If you lose your confirmation of participation, you must obtain it yourself from the respective institutes (for contact persons, see the back of the confirmation sheet).

If the institutes cannot confirm your participation, you will have to repeat the test. For more details see "Missed trial".

If you think that you have successfully completed the basic internship, but the entry is missing at the examination office, please check the following points:

  1. Have you handed in all the certificate sheets of the 2nd semester and the certificate of participation in the safety seminar to the head of the basic practical course?
  2. Have you registered at the examination office for the basic practical course (you should normally do this in the 2nd semester)?
    Please note that you must register at the Examination Office for each exam you wish to take during the registration period.

The institutes of the Department of El are constantly looking for assistants to supervise the basic internship.

If you are interested, please contact the institute representatives or the head of the basic research internship directly.

Such an activity allows you to practice your pedagogical skills in dealing with young people (soft skills) and also prepares you for your future management tasks. It is also a good exercise to present technical issues in a clear and understandable way.

Assistants for the development of new experiments

Some institutes would like to introduce new experiments in the basic practical course. For this purpose they are looking for assistants or students for bachelor theses.

If you are a graduate of the basic internship and would like to contribute your experience in such an activity, please contact the head of the basic internship or the institutes directly.

The basic practical course is part of the module "Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering" and thus a component of the orientation examination.
Therefore you have to complete it by the beginning of the lecture period of the fourth semester.

If it is not your own fault that you are unable to take part in the tests during the summer semester and you have tried without success to find a date to make up the time, you must submit a request for an extension of the deadline to the Examination Committee.

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