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Bachelor's program in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

1. Application

The application for the first semester of the Bachelor's program in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology is only possible for the winter semester.

The deadline for applications is always September  15.

Here you will find further information on how to apply for the first semester, how to apply for a higher semester and how to enrol at the University of Stuttgart.

In order to apply for the Bachelor's program in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, you must first register on the comprehensive portal You will receive a personal identification number consisting of:

  • BID  (applicant ID) and
  • BAN (applicant authentication number)

These apply to all universities participating in the Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure (DoSV).

Registration via DoSV does not apply to international applicants (non-EU) without German university entrance qualification!

Your application for the Bachelor's program is recorded via the C@mpus portal of the University of Stuttgart. Create an applicant account in C@mpus with a personal e-mail address, which you can log into at any time. You can enter your application for the degree program in Electrical Engineering and Information Technologyhere as early as mid-May.

You must submit these documents digitally to the C@mpus portal:

Other documents (only if available):

  • proof of existing vocational training
  • proof of practical experience
  • extracurricular activities (e.g. prizes, student academy, etc.)

For international students: In addition to these documents you will also need proof of German language skills. In C@mpus you will also find the information "Upload proof of German language skills" as PDF.

Please also note the information on university entrance qualifications for the different groups of applicants and the application information for non-EU citizens (all documents must be translated into German or English by an accredited sworn translator and officially certified).

In order to finally complete your online application, you must still submit your data by clicking "send". To do this, enter your applicant ID and your BAN (see also Registration via

To do this, you must first print out the application for admission in C@mpus, then sign it and upload the signed document (as a PDF) back into C@mpus. Please note that the application deadline (July 15, 23:59) is the last possible time for sending your documents.

2. Admission

You will receive the admission offer for the Bachelor's program in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology after we have reviewed all applications and prepared a ranking list of admissions. This can probably take until the end of July. You can find out more about the selection procedure here.

If you have received an admission offer for a study place, you must officially accept it by mid-August on the portal in order to be admitted to the study place.

3. Enrolment

If you have accepted the admission offer within the deadline, you will receive the admission letter. You can now enrol. Here you will find detailed instructions for enrolment as a PDF file.

An overview of the other documents required for enrolment can also be found on the university's websites for students. You still have to do the following now:

  • Complete missing documents online: Complete your documents in C@mpus via "complete data".
  • Please upload also the following documents:
    • a passport photo
    • the certificate of a statutory health insurance or an exemption from such insurance
  • Transfer the semester fees: In C@mpus you will find the account details and the amount to be transferred in your application file.

Please send the rest of the required documents (see C@mpus) by post to the Admissions Office:

  • Your signed application for enrolment
  • a copy of the officially certified university entrance qualification

This is the address of the Admissions Office:

     University of Stuttgart
     Admissions Office for Germans and Foreigners with German Education
     House of students
     Pfaffenwaldring 5c
     70569 Stuttgart

You can also drop the applications in the letterbox at the House of student (Pfaffenwaldring 5c, Campus Vaihingen) during the house opening hours (see website of the Admissions Office).

Your application for enrolment must be received by the university, together with the necessary documents, within the period stated in the letter of admission. The date of receipt by the University is decisive here, not the date of the postmark.

International applicants should bring their documents directly to the Admissions Office for Foreign Nationals and EU Citizens in the

House of students, 1st floor, rooms 1.026 – 1.027
Pfaffenwaldring 5c, 70569 Stuttgart

Please note further information on enrolment for non-EU citizens.

Please do not send any documents in advance by post.

Please refer to your letter of admission for the registration deadline. As soon as your application for enrolment has been received within this period with the required documents and semester fees have also been paid, you will be enrolled as a student. Please allow about 14 days for the processing of your application (from receipt of the mail to your actual enrolment).

After enrolment, you can create and download your study certificates yourself using your student account in C@mpus. You will then receive your student card by post from the Admissions Office.

You will also find further information in the FAQ on enrolment.



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