Internships abroad

With an internship abroad, you can gain work experience in an international environment and apply your knowledge directly

How do I find an internship abroad?

Whether as a voluntary industrial internship, a research stay at a foreign university, during semester breaks or as a vacation semester - an internship abroad broadens your horizons of experience and strengthens your intercultural skills. When it comes to finding an internship position, students must largely act on their own, but support is available from various sides:

Funding and Scholarships

  • The Erasmus+ program supports internships in Europe with scholarships. The International Office provides information on the conditions and application modalities for internship funding with Erasmus+.
  • Within the framework of the DAAD mobility program PROMOS, the International Office awards scholarships for internships abroad.
  • Further funding opportunities can be found via the scholarship databases of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the DAAD.
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