Key qualification "Effective organisational and working techniques" with mentoring program

For first semester students of the Bachelor's program in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

The mentor program is part of the mandatory key qualification "Effective Organizational and Work Techniques" for first semester students and is therefore mandatory. With this we would like to give you a good start to your studies. Here you can collect your first credit points. The live "online lecture" takes place alternately every two weeks with the presence mentoring workshops.

The division of students into mentor groups is done by C@mpus. Please find out which group you have been assigned to and be sure to attend the welcome event of the Dean of Studies on Wednesday, October 28, 2020.


Introduction of the online tools for the digital winter semester: C@mpus and ILIAS

You are grouped into mentor groups. Please stay in the same group during the WS.

Introduction of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Identifying and closing gaps - Learning techniques

Award ceremony Anton and Klara Röser Foundation

 23.12.2020 until 06.01.2021
– Lecture-free days (Christmas) –

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