Examinations Board Computer Science

Responsible for M.Sc. Computer Science

Formal Requests

Head of examinations board

General information


Please include:

  • Last name, first name
  • matriculation number
  • degree program, major and semester
  • postal address, email address
  • current transcript
  • online via C@MPUS; if not possible, use C@MPUS form or download the form here (hand in signed original to Ms. Anstein)
  • for oral exams, also immediately inform your examiner(s)
  • download registration form, fill in first paragraph and have it signed by the central examination office
  • with this registration form, fill in this contract (available in German; non-binding information sheet in English) with the secretary of your examiner
  • get official cover pages from secretary
    (at least 1 week before planned hand-in; you need to consider 1 day for getting the thesis finished in the copy shop)
  • find formal guidelines and template here
  • link to a checklist and more information (if you need help with translations, ask Ms. Anstein;
    a CR classification is not necessary any more
  • define a date for your oral presentation of the thesis with your examiner before or shortly after hand-in
  • hand in final versions (4 identical casebound copies; 1 is for yourself), an electronic version (CD only with PDF of the thesis text and an abstract in TXT format; please adhere it into 1 of the copies) and 2 additional title pages to the secretary of your examiner;
    make sure via email that s/he is available, otherwise you need someone else to confirm your hand-in on time
  • after submission, please make sure that you visit the examination office to fill in your "degree request"
  • NB: you may also hand in the thesis earlier than the defined date;
    please consider that a deadline extension is only possible with grave reasons (request to examination board via email address above)

Examination regulations

The valid examination regulations are to be found on the University websites:

Examinations board Computer Science

Dieses Bild zeigt Anstein

Stefanie Anstein

Program Manager BSc Natural Language Processing and MSc Computational Linguistics; Student Advisor MSc Computer Science

Dieses Bild zeigt Schneider

Katrin Schneider

Program Manager for all programs of the Computer Science Department; Department Manager; Erasmus-Coordinator