Faculty 5

Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

We are one of the biggest faculties at the University of Stuttgart – based on the number of professors, research assistants, students, and building space.

Dean and Vice Deans

Main buildings

Our faculty is divided into two main buildings at the Campus Vaihingen: The Computer Science building located at Universitätsstr. 38 and the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology building at Pfaffenwaldring 47. Some institutes and research centers are located in other buildings: The Institute for Natural Language Processing is at Pfaffenwaldring 5b and the Institute for Large-Scale Microelectronics at Allmandring 3b. You will find other secondary locations on the respective institute websites.

Dean's Office

You can address any queries or inquiries to individual deanery members through the dean's office. The following functions come under the remit of the dean's office and faculty management


Secretary to the Dean Bettina Wieland/ Sylvia Müller

Faculty Manager Sonja Krieger

Sonja Krieger


Faculty Manager, Faculty 5

Sylvia Müller


Secretary to the Dean

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