Theses at the Computer Science Department

General information and layout templates for theses at the computer science department.

The thesis (Bachelor or Master) should verify that the student can solve a complex task from the respective field of study independently and can present the result in a scientifically correct way. The thesis has not necessarily to be the final modul in the study program but there are restritctions when the thesis can be start at earliest. (see planning of the thesis). Our programs DO NOT define a time limit between the last modul exam and the registration of the thesis. However, please note that the thesis has to be finished AND judged until the end of the maximal study duration.


  • A thesis can only be started whenyou have gained at least 120 ECTS in your Bachelor program, or at least 60 ECTS in your Master program.
  • The examiner of a thesis has to be a professor of the Computer Science department (without exception). A second examiner (which is required for a Master thesis) might be from another department or faculty of the University of Stuttgart.
  • Find a topic:
    • To find a topic, please get in contact with one of the professors of the Computer Science Department or with one of the staff members. Please note that you should have attended courses offered by the section where you ask for a topic. Otherwise it might be extremely difficult to successfully handle a topic from this section.
    • In the Informatik-Marktplatz in ILIAS we try to collect proposals for thesis topics as well as contact persons.
    • If you did not manage to find a topic for a thesis after intensive search for at least 2 months, you can ask the examinations board of your program for help. You then have to document your unsuccessful search.
  • The registration for your Bachelor or Master thesis can be carried out at any time at the examinations office.
  • To register your Bachelor or Master thesis please use the forms available on C@MPUS under "my applications". Exceptions: students of the B.A. teaching qualification programs, B.A. combination programs and M.Ed. programs will receive the form from the responsible staff member in the examination office.
  • The student has to fill in the topic of the thesis (in the original language and in English), the nam of the examiner and start- and end-date to the form. The the form has to be signed by the student. This form has then to be handed in at the office of the examiner´s secretary.
  • The secretary prepares the computer-science-specific contract for the thesis including the licence agreement for publishing (and if necessary anon-disclosure contract or a language agreement). These documents will be handed over to the student to read them trough and to sign them. The time for reading the documents and possible clarifying questions shoukld not exceed one week.
  • The documents have to be signed by the student and then they have to be given back to the secretary. If you do not want to publish the thesis, the licence agreement will be crossed. However, this document has to stay part of the contract.
  • Then the examiner has to sign the documents as well and hands over the signed registration form to the student.
  • The student then has to bring the registration form to the examinations office as soon as possible. The examinations office enters the registration to the system and signs the registration form as well. The student receives a copy of this form and has to bring this copy back to the secretary to verify the registration. Then the work can start.
  • HINT: the topic of the thesis can be returned ONCE within the first 2 months after starting the thesis (Bachelor thesis) or within the first 3 months after starting the thesis (Master thesis).
  • Together with the registration of your Bachelor or Master thesis you normally also hand in the application for for the degree certification. If you have any question concerning this form please vontact the examinations office..

For further questions please contact your program manager or the examinations board of your study program.

Should there be any problems during the work on your thesis, please contact your examiner, your advisor and your examinations board immediately.

  • You have to follow the formal requirrements for a thesis (at the moment in German only) of the Computer Science Department.
  • Approximately 14 days previous to the deadline the student has to pick up the thesis cover at the secretaries office.
  • The thesis has to be printed x times (number is mentioned in the contract) and bound. Here the following requirements have to be fulfilled:
    1. For all exemplars of the thesis you have to use the cover from the computer science department.
    2. The thesis must not be bound using a spiral bounding. Any kind of adhesive binding is allowed. Please use a black spine.
    3. The front cover has to be additionally protected by a transparent sheet.
  • Two separate title pages have to handed in additionally to the thesis exemplars.
  • An ekectronic version (pdf) of the thesis has to be handed in as well. Furthermore, the abstract in txt-format of the thesis is required. If you study in a German program and the thesis is written in English, a German abstract has to be added. If you study an English program and write the thesis in German, an English abstact has to be added. The electronic fikles can be handed in via email, on a USB-stick or on a CD.
  • All thesis exemplars and the electronics files have to be handed in at the secretary of the examniner at latest at the deadline.
  • After the secretary has checked all document the students gets back one of the additional title pages (with stamp and signature) as a confirmation of the transfer.
  • Hint: there will be no special conditions, exemptions or extensions due to the corona pandemic anymore.

Contact person concerning theses

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Katrin Schneider


Program Manager for all programs of the Computer Science Department; Department Manager; Erasmus Coordinator

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