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Apply now for the Ferienakademie 2023

February 8, 2023 /

From modern algorithms to entangled qubits to simulations for the energy conversion–a broad interdisciplinary program of topics awaits the participants of this year's Ferienakademie once again. Students can still apply for the September excursion to the Sarntal Valley in South Tyrol until May 1.

Interdisciplinary offer for students of all semesters

The course program for the Ferienakademie 2023 is aimed at prospective academics of all semesters. From September 17 to 29, they will explore the Sarntal Valley in South Tyrol together, get to know interesting guests and delve into one of ten scientific topics. The interdisciplinary offer reaches from mathematical problems to social and natural scientific questions up to medical-technical imaging procedures.

Travel and accommodation costs will be covered by donations. Applications are still possible until May 1, 2023.

About “Ferienakademie”

The “Ferienakademie” (Vacation Academy) is organized by TU Munich, FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg as well as the University of Stuttgart and promises a “study of exciting topics in an alpine environment”. The interdisciplinary courses for selected students take place in the Sarntal Valley at the end of September each year and are financed by companies as well as sponsoring associations and the participating universities' own funds.

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