Snapshot of the merging of two "white dwarfs.

How computers expand the view of our universe

August 10, 2023 /

For the Year of Science 2023, the Department of Computer Science is venturing into the big questions of our universe–and bringing the stars into the lab.
[Picture: Daiß, Diehl, Kaiser, Pflüger/ACM]

There's no question about it: computer science influences almost all areas of our earthly existence. But it can do much more. For the Science Year 2023, Prof. Dirk Pflüger and Gregor Daiß from the Institute for Parallel and Distributed Systems describe how supercomputers provide completely new perspectives on the universe...

...and why this is not such a trivial task.

Here's the full article
"How supercomputers are bringing the stars into the lab." (in German)

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