Portrait Hannes Hannak.

IDL brings Big Data and AI to lecture halls

September 8, 2023 /

In the IDL guest lecture "Big Data Technologies in Industry - Applications and operational challenges" Hannes Hannak described how Bosch Digital operates and uses Data Lakes.
[Picture: Holger Schwarz]

Hadoop and Spark in Manufacturing

Directly from practice to lecture hall V38.02–on July 14, Hannes Hannak gave a first-hand account for the Industrial Data Lab (IDL) on how Data Lakes are implemented and used in business. At Bosch Digital, Hannes Hannak is responsible for the operation of the "Big Data" platform Hadoop; at Vaihingen he shared his knowledgeable on how business units of a company combine, store and analyze huge amounts of data.
Moreover, in his presentation, Hannak illustrated the benefits that the Spark framework offers for applications in manufacturing. He talso ouched on the challenges that operational teams face when running the platform.

Lecture slides, virtually stacked.
Hannak explained services and tools for complex platforms in industrial environments.

Industrial Data Lab and Technology Partnership Lab

The Industrial Data Lab (IDL) was established by the University of Stuttgart and Bosch at the end of 2022. The strategic cooperation is based on the Technology Partnership Lab Program and is intended to promote the mutual exchange of knowledge on the topic of data management.

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