Machine learning for business users

November 28, 2023

With INPROMPT, the DFG is funding a project that aims to open up machine learning methods to broad user groups. Thanks to optimization functions, even inexperienced users should be able to create well-functioning prompts.
[Picture: Pixabay/ Alexandra Koch (edited)]

Core competence "prompt engineering

We know it from ChatGPT: Even users without technical expertise can elicit passable answers from a language model on the spot; for optimal results, however, more experience is needed. There is already talk of a new core competence called "prompt engineering". This is precisely where the INPROMPT project comes in, which the DFG now intends to support with a grant in kind. INPROMPT stands for "Interactive Prompt Optimization with Humans in the Loop for the Development and Intervention of Natural Language Understanding Models."

Assistance system for users without technical training

The goal of the project: an assistance system for users without technical training in machine learning. They are to create well-performing prompts using automatic optimization techniques. The prompts are modified iteratively; an objective function estimates the quality of the adjusted inputs. Factors included are: automatic predictions on text instances, the readability of the prompt, and the conclusiveness of a decision-making explanation.

Transparency and democratization of machine learning

Applicant Prof. Roman Klinger explains, "We expect our project to significantly improve the transparency of prompt-based models and contribute to the democratization of the use of machine learning."

The INPROMPT project is expected to start in April 2024.

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