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To the right degree program via "MINT-Orientierungssemester"

The STEM orientation semester offers lectures without exam pressure, imparts initial subject knowledge and enables contact with students. Apply by March 1!
[Photo: Uli Regenscheit]

Which course of study is the best fit if you are interested in mathematics, computer science, natural sciences or engineering? You can find out in the "MINT-Orientierungssemester" (STEM orientation semester). Because this provides an insight into various courses of study and research areas at the University of Stuttgart. 

For one semester, you will attend selected lectures and experience what everyday university life feels like together with enrolled students of the respective field of study. In addition, you will acquire basic knowledge for your future studies without the pressure of exams.

You can still apply for a  "MINT-Orientierungssemester" up to and including March 1.

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