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The module handbook contains the descriptions of all modules included in the respective study program and their assignment to the various elective catalogs. It thus represents the current contents of the study program. However, this document is revised every semester, which may result in differences in the offerings. All current module handbooks can be found in C@MPUS, the Campus Management Portal of the University of Stuttgart (click path: select degree - click on the book behind the name of the study program). Nevertheless, it is recommended to look up in the study program tree in C@mpus, which modules are offered in which catalog and not only to refer to the pdf document, because changes can be entered all the time into the system which are then, however, not transferred to the pdf.

Modules vs. courses

The study program consists of modules. After passing the examination (or all partial examinations), the credit points assigned to the module (see below) are credited in C@mpus. Modules can consist of more than one course - in most cases they consist of a lecture and the corresponding exercise or tutorial. Modules extend over one, at maximum two semesters. The exact descriptions of all modules can be found in the Module Handbook (MHB) of the respective study program (see above) or in C@mpus.

Credit points (ECTS)

During the course of study, credit points (ECTS = European Credit Transfer System) are to be acquired, mostly by passing the examination for a module. Approximately 30 ECTS credits should be acquired per semester. One ECTS credit corresponds to a workload of about 30 hours. ECTS credits are therefore a measure of the amount of time spent for studying. A total of 180 ECTS is required for the Bachelor of Science, and 120 ECTS for the Master of Science.

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