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The assessment of subject-specific eligibility according to § 1 (2) of the Admissions Regulations of the University of Stuttgart for the master's degree program Electromobility is carried out in a two-step process, which is detailed in the procedural guidelines. The admission process is based on the Landeshochschulgesetz (LHG, Higher Education Act) of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Applications for the master's degree program are subject to the application dates specified by the Admissions Office. As a rule, the application portal will be activated from December for the following summer semester and from June for the following winter semester. In line with § 2 (1) of the Admissions Regulations of the University of Stuttgart, applications for admission must be received by the University by January 15 for the following summer semester, and by July 15 for the following winter semester.

Any necessary selection interviews / entrance examinations (for the invited applicants) usually take place in the week before February 15 / August 15.

Information on the German language skills to be proven can be found at Language requirements for study programs taught in German.

Yes. A provisional admission can be issued in this case with reservations the necessary certificates are submitted until October 30th (for admission to the winter semester) or until April 30th (for admission to the summer semester).

Further information is available from Admissions Office for Foreigners and EU Citizens.

The requirements for the master's degree program are listed in the Admissions Regulations of the University of Stuttgart. General information about the master's degree program can be found here. Information on English language requirements can be found here.

The Student Counseling Center (ZSB) will be happy to answer any legal questions regarding your application. A decision on the question of admission can only be made by our admissions committee on the basis of our Admissions Regulations and after submitting your complete application documents via the C@MPUS portal. Please understand that (due to time and legal reasons) no prior assessment of the (chances of an) application can be made. The entrance requirements for the master's degree program Electromobility can be found in the Admissions Regulations of the University of Stuttgart under §1 (1).

The master's degree program Electromobility is designed as a full-time program; this fact is regularly pointed out in the enrolment formalities. Regarding the legal possibilities of a part-time course of study, please contact the Admission Office and Student Counseling Center.

You may also be interested in the Master’s programs for studying while working.

Yes. In that case you have to upload a recent transcript of records not older than two months at the time of applicaton to our C@MPUS portal. The transcript of records (or an additional document), must include your current cumulative average mark (e.g. CGPA), as well as the best possible GPA on the corresponding scale, and the minimum GPA to pass on the correspondig scale.

In case of admission a document of "conditional admission" will then be issued. This conditional admission is subject to the extra condition that the bachelor's certificate is presented at the time of enrollment.

Only those modules that are not already listed in the bachelor's degree certificate are eligible for recognition in the master's program. The credit point score of the bachelor's degree does not matter here. Furthermore, the modules eligible for recognition in the master's program must be technically at the “master's level”.

The University provides an overview of the fees and charges which students of the University of Stuttgart have to pay.

The University provides an overview of where to apply for a scholarship or find a foundation that will finance your studies.

A course with a 90 minute lesson per week during a lecture period of 14 weeks provides 3 ECTS credit points. For example, a course with a 60 minute lesson per week during a period of 10 weeks

3 × (60 × 10) / (90 × 14) = 1.428

i.e. 1.4 credit points (ECTS-CP). (Please enter the credit points into the supplementary form rounded to one decimal place.)

Yes. The application via C@MPUS portal is required. The admission procedure is as described above.

For the recognition of course assessment can be applied after admission. The decision on recognition depends on the degree of equivalence of the teaching content of the modules concerned. §19 of the Exam Regulations applies.

Bachelor degrees from German Universities, Universities of Applied Sciences and Cooperative State Universities are recognized. The admissions committee decides on the admission of applicants after the application has been submitted.

The admissions committee will meet about four weeks after the application deadline (January 15 / July 15). Within a few days, decisions on rejected and admitted applicants will then be entered into C@MPUS portal, where they can be accessed by the applicants.

We will complete the admission procedure as soon as possible. Applicants are asked to refrain from sending e-mails and making phone calls with questions about the status of the admission procedure.

Applicants who are invited to a selection interview / entrance examination will receive this invitation at about the same time as the above mentioned C@MPUS entry. The invitation will be sent to their email address specified in their application.

The letter of admission or rejection will be provided via the application portal C@MPUS. (Howto download the letter of admission or rejection) Information about the status of your application can be obtained via the C@MPUS system; please also refer to the FAQ list of the Admissions Office. The Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology cannot provide information about the status of the application process. Applicants are asked to wait for the information update in the C@MPUS system.

Please note, that all documents, that are relevant for the application must be uploaded in time to the C@mpus application account. The C@mpus application system is open just until the application deadline. Documents which arrive via e-mail or which arrive after the application deadline cannot be considered in the application process due to legal reasons and reasons of equal treatment of all applicants.

The Admissions Regulations of the University of Stuttgart do not stipulate additional requirements or conditions.

In the case of (conditional) admission to the master's degree program, you can download an letter of admission from the C@MPUS portal. If the admissions committee has decided that you have to fulfil requirements (= additional modules from the bachelor's degree program Electromobility to be completed until registration for the Master's thesis), this will be stated in your letter of admission. This means that you do not have such requirements if they are not mentioned in your letter of admission.

In compliance with the Admissions Regulations of the University of Stuttgart for the master's degree program “Electromobility”, our admissions committee carries out an eligibility assessment (admission procedure), which you can find in the answer to question 1 of this FAQ list.

Due to the insufficient number of admission points found in the eligibility assessment, the admissions committee has decided not to propose you for admission.

Please understand that application documents submitted after the application deadline cannot be taken into consideration.

We regret not being able to give you more favorable information.

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