Prof. Aiello elected VP of Informatics Europe

November 27, 2023 /

Prof. Marco Aiello is elected Vice President of Informatics Europe, a non-profit association of over 170 university and private research institutions from all over Europe.
[Picture: Informatics Europe]

From January 2024, Prof. Marco Aiello will serve as Vice President of Informatics Europe. In his three-year term he will play a key role in steering the actions and initiatives of the association.

Commitment to sustainable ICT

Prof. Aiello says, "I am deeply honored to have been elected Vice President of Informatics Europe starting January 2024. This prestigious organization plays a vital role in advancing computer science across Europe, orchestrating the efforts of computer science departments in various countries. It actively engages in several critical areas, including the promotion of computer science education in secondary schools, addressing gender issues within the field, advocating for the sustainability of ICT and with ICT, and much more. My commitment to these causes is unwavering, and I look forward to contributing to the continued growth and impact of Informatics Europe in these essential domains."

Prof. Aiello has been a member of the Board of Informatics Europe since the beginning of 2023. On October 24, 2023, the General Assembly decided to promote him to the Executive Committee and elected him Vice President. At the same time, Jean-Marc Jézéquel was appointed as the new President.

About Informatics Europe

Informatics Europe was founded in 2006. The non-profit association sees itself as a representative of public and private computer science researchers from Europe and neighboring countries. According to its own information, the association is active in over 30 countries and represents more than 50,000 researchers from over 170 institutes. "Faculty 5: Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology" at the University of Stuttgart joined Informatics Europe in 2015.

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