The car-free campus is coming

January 18, 2021 / Petra Enderle

Scientists pool their know-how for an emission-free mobility concept in the "MobiLab" on the campus Vaihingen

The Vaihingen campus is to become as emission-free as possible by 2035. To this end, scientists at the University of Stuttgart are already developing new forms of mobility: for example, self-driving campus shuttles that stop at several stations on their rounds around the campus, or e-scooters that drive themselves back to their station after use.

A future scenario? The "MobilLab" (Mobility Living Lab) project of the state of Baden-Württemberg is gradually implementing its goal of an emission-free campus. The RegioRad station could already be realized at the end of 2020 next to the "Universität" S-Bahn station as part of the project. A parking garage including charging options for e-cars is also to follow. The common goal of the participating institutes is to put a mobility concept with a high proportion of drives without emissions, such as electric vehicles, and new technologies, such as autonomous driving, into practice for the Vaihingen campus by 2035. Project partners from the EI department are Prof. Nejila Parspour, head of the Institute of Electrical Energy Conversion, and Prof. Krzysztof Rudion from the Institute for Power Transmission and High Voltage Technology, who heads the department of Grid Integration of Renewable Energies there.

Further information on the current implementation of the "MobilLab" research project will be found in the following article of the magazine "forschung leben".

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