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Three times successful with integrated photonic sensors

September 20, 2022 / INT

INT presents three publications in the field of photonic sensors at international conferences and in renowned journals.
[Picture: Uni Stuttgart / INT]

The team of the photonics group at INT has been researching integrated optical sensors based on so-called multi-mode interferometers for quite some time, which makes them particularly interesting in many respects, e.g. in medicine or water protection. Now three publications have been accepted within a short period of time, in which we can present our latest results to the international public.  
Already in August, the article "Integrated polarization mode interferometer in 220-nm silicon-on-insulator technology" on this topic was published in the renowned journal Optics Letters. Here, an interferometer is presented that works with two polarization modes. 

Optic Letters: Integrated polarization mode interferometer in 220-nm silicon-on-insulator technology

At the International Conference on Numerical Simulation (NUSOD), which took place in mid-September as an online conference, we presented the realization of a special structure for particularly accurate and unambiguous measurement of the phase shift in interferometers, see article "120° Hybrid for Bimodal Interferometers".

NUSOD: 120° Hybrid for Bimodal Interferometers

Finally, in November, a member of our staff will travel to Canada to present a concept study entitled "Dual-Polarization Bimodal Waveguide Interferometer" at the IEEE Photonics Conference IPC in Vancouver. 
Many of the results were obtained with the help of students from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, who worked at the institute as part of a HiWi activity or a thesis.

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