Collage with impressions from Demo Day.

Through the campus maze via FÜSQ and AI

June 26, 2023 /

On July 21, five student groups demonstrated how to broaden their academic horizons and at the same time acquire interdisciplinary key qualifications (FÜSQ) with the help of AI, using analog and digital prototypes.
[Picture: ENI]

Prototypes and presentations

You don't have to get lost on campus right away if you mentally leave your subject studies. Quite the opposite! For Demo Day on July 21, students from twelve different disciplines presented their prototypes for exactly one task in the ARENA2036: "Find your way through the campus labyrinth of the University of Stuttgart".

Artificial inspiration and practical experience

To creatively solve the FÜSQ challenge, all students were asked to draw on artificial intelligence (AI)–whether as a source of inspiration during the idea generation phase or by implementing an AI in the final prototype.

The course "AI Prototyping 101: From Idea to Reality" thus not only provided students from different disciplines with a basic understanding of AI; at the same time, the course also enabled practical "hands-on" experiences and promoted collaboration in interdisciplinary groups.

Collage with impressions from Demo Day.
The five groups presented their prototypes for discussion.

Interdisciplinary fusion

For this, four institutions of the University of Stuttgart joined forces: the project-carrying institutes, the Institute of Software Engineering (ISTE) and the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research (ENI), as well as the Makerspaces of the Technical Information and Communication Services (TIK) and the research campus ARENA2036.

After a ten-minute presentation of the prototypes followed by a discussion, including pizza and drinks, the students had the additional opportunity to network with AI experts from the startup industry and academia and gather further insights on the topic of startups.

Continuing in the summer semester 2024

Interested? The SQ "AI Prototyping 101: From Idea to Reality" takes place every summer semester, is part of the Artificial Intelligence Software Academy (AISA) and open to all majors. The course is part of the IKILeUS project, which is funded by the BMBF.

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