Bürkert Prize for Simone Schmidt

Semi-automatic Data Preparation in Data Lakes

In her Master's thesis, Simone Schmidt described "Concepts towards an automated data pre-processing and preparation within data lakes"–and was awarded a Bürkert University Prize for final theses.

At the University of Stuttgart's Annual Celebration 2023 on November 23, a Bürkert University Prize for was awarded to Simone Schmidt. The prize recognizes her master's thesis "Concepts towards an automated data pre-processing and preparation within data lakes." In it, the academic investigates how domain expertes can be better supported than before when evaluating large amounts of data. She describes a new tew transformation recommender and demonstrates a prototypical implementation of the concept.

The thesis was written at the Institute for Parallel and Distributed Systems (IPVS) and was supervised by Prof. Bernhard Mitschang, Dr. Christoph Stach and Rebecca Kay Eichler.

BARENTS significantly enhanced

Dr. Stach comments on the thesis as follows: "With her master's thesis, Simone has contributed significantly to the further development of BARENTS, a system for semi-automatic data preparation in data lakes. Thanks to her research results, domain experts can be suggested additional data sources that could be relevant for their work or data preparation steps that significantly improve their data, which not only reduces the workload for the domain experts, but also increases the quality of their results. Thanks to Simone's willingness to work on the project beyond her Master's thesis, we were able to publish the results in Datenbank-Spektrum in July 2023."

About the Bürkert University Prize

The Bürkert University Prize for final theses is awarded once per faculty and honors "special academic achievements". The award, which is endowed with 1,000 euros, emerged from the "Prize of the Association of Friends of the University of Stuttgart e.V." and is now awarded by the Christian Bürkert Stiftung.

The special purpose of the Christian Bürkert Stiftung is the advancement of young people who stand out due to their professional skills, sense of responsibility and dynamics. The Bürkert Prize is awarded to students for outstanding work that solves a scientific problem and thus pushes the boundaries of knowledge.

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