Here you will find the most frequent questions on your answers to the current corona situation

a) Please check in C@mpus if there are indeed no internships offered for SS 2020 that are eligible for your focus. Therefore, please not only check whether your desired internship is offered, but also whether other internships are offered by other institutes in the same field of study. If you find another specialized internship in C@mpus that also roughly fits your area of specialization, then there is no individual case of hardship.

b) Please also consider whether postponing the internship to the next semester would actually lead to an extension of your studies.

If no meaningful internships are offered for you, but you have to complete the internship in the SS 2020, please submit a written application to the Examination Committee and send it by e-mail to the secretary of the Examination Committee Chairman. In your application, please indicate the following:
a) a list of all specialist internships offered by the institutes in your area of specialisation and your statement that none of these institutes offers a specialist internship or has free capacity
b) a statement of your individual case of hardship (with regard to the postponement of your studies)
c) which sensibly chosen elective module you would like to take in SS 2020 and select as a replacement for the internship.


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