View of the AISA Summer Festival 2023 in the courtyard at Universitätsstraße 32 (cropped).

AISA shows results and prospects

October 8, 2023 /

For the Summer Festival, the Artificial Intelligence Software Academy (AISA) showcased research projects, professional qualification paths and interdisciplinary studies.
[Picture: Srocke]

Promising applications of AI and ML

For the 4th of July, AISA presented itself in perfect summer weather in the courtyard of Universitätsstraße 32. Interested people were invited to the Summer Festival to learn more about promising applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) while enjoying snacks and smart presentations.

The spectrum of research projects on display ranged from musical compositions to the simulation of various materials, fiber composite components or vehicle dynamics to privacy-compliant gaze recognition. Current approaches of this year's FÜSQ course "AI Prototyping 101: From Idea to Reality" were also shown.

View of the 2023 AISA Summer Festival in the courtyard of Universitätsstraße 32 (complete).
Snacks and summer weather provided a perfect setting for numerous conversations.

ML fundamentals for graduate students, students and practice

Another topic discussed was how AI knowledge can be better communicated to non-specialists in the future. For example, a current AISA project is explicitly researching the question of how ML basics can be didactically conveyed to doctoral students in a meaningful way. Finally, it was outlined how the AISA trainings could address further target groups in schools and industry in the coming years.

Prof. Stefan Wagner elaborates, "With AISA, we have created both a framework for research at the interface of artificial intelligence, software engineering and applications, and structures for the acquisition of microcredentials in these areas. We will continue this in the coming years and develop additional offerings for practitioners and students."

Visitors to the AISA Summer Festival 2023 in the courtyard of Universitätsstraße 32.
Attendees engaged in casual but lively discussions about cross-disciplinary approaches to research.

Guest lecture and discussion on expert knowledge at ML

The lively conversations in the courtyard were followed by a no less lively exchange of ideas on the future of expert knowledge in machine learning. The impetus for this was provided by Prof. Björn W. Schuller with a guest lecture of the Ellis Distinguished Lecture Series in the packed lecture hall UN32.101.

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