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Dates for the start of the summer semester 2023

March 24, 2023 /

The first introductory events for new master's students at the Department of Computer Science will start as early as the end of March. Meanwhile, high school graduates interested in studying can consolidate and deepen their knowledge in propaedeutic courses.
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New at the University of Stuttgart? Then welcome and pay attention, because numerous introductory events already begin before the official start of lectures.

Introductions to English language study programs

Welcome Meetings for English-language programs of study will take place on

Introductory events for master's degree programs

New students of the (German-language) Master's programs at the Department of Computer Science should mark Monday, April 3 in their calendars. Then planned are introductory events for:

Preparatory courses for all with high school diploma

The preparatory courses of the MINT-Kolleg Baden-Württemberg are aimed in particular at high school graduates who wish to study. Here, content relevant to university studies is dealt with and deepened. Registrations were still possible at the time of writing.

More information and dates

The complete list of introductory courses for the German and English taught degree programs will be updated successively. Please check regularly if anything has changed. Please also note the further, general introductions and offers for the beginning of studies of the University of Stuttgart and the Department of Computer Science.

The academic calendar provides further data on the summer semester as well as lecture-free days.

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