Department of Computer Science

Faculty 5

Since it was founded in 1970 the Department of Computer Science has developed continuously to become an internationally recognised institution that is strong in research, covering large areas of modern computer science.
[Photo: University of Stuttgart]

Computer science is fundamental for the technologies of the modern world. The Department of Computer Science at the University of Stuttgart conducts both basic research and application-oriented research at the highest level in these areas. Our goals are to be recognized worldwide as a capacity in our disciplines and research priorities and to be a sought-after university for engaged students. Since the introduction of the diploma program in Computer Science, the number of professors, institutes, topics and equipment of the department have continuously increased. Today we are part of the Faculty 5 of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and have developed into an internationally visible and research-oriented institution. We are an important partner in the Excellence Cluster of Simulation Technology (SimTech) and in the Graduate School advanced Manufacturing Engineering (GSaME) as well as in several research networks of the university. Cooperation with non-university research institutions, neighbouring universities and colleges characterizes our research profile. In doing so, we feel connected to the high-tech region of Baden-Württemberg. This also applies to our numerous industrial partners in research, in particular to our partnerships within the framework of the Hermann Hollerith Center and the IBM Technology Partnership Center. Our degree programs take into account the enormous breadth of the field of computer science and allow students many choices as well as space for independent work.


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