Innovation award at the 32nd European Safety and Reliabbility Conference

17. Oktober 2022 / sysad

At September 2022 Sheng Ding and Jun.Prof. Morozov participated in the 32nd European Safety and Reliability Conference in Dublin. It is a great community with many interesting talks and new ideas. We also participated in the International Workshop for Autonomous System Safety workshop organized by our colleagues from UCLA, NTNU, and SINTEF. At the workshop, Sheng Ding presented our paper "Inertial Measurement Unit Sensor Faults Detection For Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using Machine Learning". He presented ideas of monte Carlo fault injection, feature engineering for fault detection, and comparison along with evaluation of different machine learning methods. Our paper was awarded one out of six Ph.D. Innovation Awards, this is the fourth award Sheng Ding has received from international conferences during his Ph.D. study. Congratulations!

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