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12. April 2021 / Annette Maske

Social events of the CLUB INTERNATIONAL Stuttgart

The CLUB INTERNATIONAL is a participative meeting point in Stuttgart for young people (18–27) coming from all over the world. It offers various socio-cultural activities through which it enhances Intercultural Learning.

The CLUB INTERNATIONAL Stuttgart is a meeting point for young adults (18–27) from anywhere in the world organized by VIJ e.V.. Together you can do activities to train languages and intercultural knowledge.

In April, the CLUB INTERNATIONAL offers various online events, e.g. game nights ("Spieleabende"), cooking events ("Kochabende"), handicraft ("Basteln") and painting ("Malen") workshops and dancing lessons ("Tanzworkshops"). The team also organizes a Urban Gardening Project and, therefore, is looking for people who would like to cultivate flowers or vegetables in its garden during the summer. The space will be used for workshops and events or just to hang out. A first online meeting will be on 16 April 2021.

All dates and events can be found in the flyer of the International Club Stuttgart. More information is also provided on Facebook and Instagram.

Kontakt sternagel@vij-wuerttemberg.de
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