Prof. Dr. Steffen Staab Elected as a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

1. Februar 2024

New York, NY, January 24, 2024 – ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery, has named 68 Fellows for transformative contributions to computing science and technology. All the 2023 inductees are longstanding ACM Members who were selected by their peers for groundbreaking innovations that have improved how we live, work, and play.

ACM includes nearly 110,000 computing professionals. Once a year, ACM distinguishes around 50–70 fellows worldwide to join the ranks of a select group of members who have changed the path of computing. This year’s inductees include the inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, the “godfathers of AI, Geoffrey Hinton, Yann LeCun, and Yoshua Bengio, and other colleagues whose contributions have all been important building blocks in forming the digital society that shapes our modern world.

Prof. Steffen Staab has been elected to become ACM Fellow „For contributions to semantic technologies and web science, and distinguished service to the ACM community“.

He states that ``I am proud that with Dr. Natasha Noy, from Google, Prof. Deborah McGuinness, from RPI, and myself, semantic knowledge technologies have a strong showing in this year’s election, demonstrating their impact on modern computing´´.

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